SCP Stories #2

Client Feature - On The Dock Yacht Sales

by Kyle Arpke

When Ted Gates, owner of On The Dock Yacht Sales, approached me in mid-2016 about setting his business a part in the yacht brokerage industry I knew I had the tools to give his team a leg up in the marketing department. One year, and over fifteen videos later, we more than succeeded. From walkthroughs to team bios to videos that give a little love back to the communities they're involved in, the market has noticed On The Dock... and so has an eager customer base.

Product Walkthrough Videos

This Lazzara walk through is where it all began: after almost a year of being on the market Ted brought me down to film this beauty. Two months later it not only sold, but sold well past the market value for it. Needless to say, I've been producing walk through videos for Ted ever since, and the results from these videos continue to remain positive.

Crew Bios

Ted Gates' operation may be small, but it's filled with hard working individuals whose experience in the marine industry is unparalleled. Creating a personal connection with a client is the key that makes On The Dock the best brokerage in Lake City, MN and Ft. Myers, FL and these bios serve as a conversation jump starter and trust builder.

Community Engagement

Location is everything for a successful company and On The Dock is firmly rooted within the boating communities that they represent. For this video we wanted to feature one of the company's most historically significant marinas: Lake City Marina in Lake City, MN.