SCP Stories #1

Client Feature - Graveyard Records

by Kyle Arpke

I love to stretch my creative muscles and always do my best work when my clients share that enthusiasm. Creating content for Graveyard Records and Movie Maniacs was the perfect opportunity to showcase the skills I've honed since starting Silver City Productions. From mini doc video to 360 VR, Silver City Productions crafted work that captured Graveyard's eclectic horror-centric vibe for use across the business' web & social media platforms.

Needless to say... it was the perfect way to start out my 2016 Halloween season.

Mini Doc

As a social media producer mini doc production is one of the key tools I use to exhibit a client's story. Using an HD SONY camera and DJI OSMO stedi-cam gimbal I was able to capture the entire expanse of the store through close ups and moving wide shots, establishing the breadth of Graveyard's memorabilia collection. Interviewing owner Dave Curtis was necessary for the video's success as his vast knowledge and dry wit provided a trustworthy and enjoyable source for viewers to listen to while being transported through the wild world of Graveyard Records.

Tiny Planet Photography 

The vibe of Graveyard Records was an ideal fit for me to utilize one of my favorite 360 techniques - tiny planet photography. This tool both bends the mind and shifts perspective - perfect for a place built like a haunted house. I use this tool in my work often, as it's a great way to capture people's attention and get a conversation going on various social media networks.

360 VR Tour

Silver City Productions strives to expand a brand’s marketing outreach. For Graveyard, a 360 VR Tour became a great way to entice new customers to come check out the store for themselves. By adding ‘sound buttons’ to give a taste of the store’s hidden treasures the tour becomes a memorable interactive experience that encourages repeat visits.

360 VR Experience

Finally, I put all of my 360 and editing skills together to create a 'Haunted VR' Experience that gave Graveyard Records a Halloween treat to share with fans of their facebook page. The experience blends multiple 360 takes together to give some chills, thrills, and a sense of excitement for the viewer. For Silver City Productions, this video is a perfect example of the type of content I like to produce. Keep things creative. Make things innovative. Represent a brand to its fullest extent.