In addition to traditional videography Silver City Productions is intent on utilizing the latest technologies for both commercial and creative uses. We believe 360 VR technology has the unique ability to create immersive experiences that bring people closer to situations and view worlds in a different light. 

please check out these 360 VR examples taken for Graveyard Records & Movie Maniacs and BRP-Evinrude

Property Walkthroughs

Traditional photography is obsolete for real estate. Whether you're trying to sell/rent a property or showcase your business, 360 photography gives potential customers an exact view of what they can expect when stepping inside a building, changing the game for pre-visit property marketing and hyping people for the real experience - like this property tour for GRAVEYARD RECORDS & MOVIE MANIACS in South Milwaukee.

Tiny Planet Photography and Videography

As an add-on to VR experiences we also take advantage of the 360 camera's capability to view the world in unique 'tiny planet' perspectives. A huge trend on instagram, tiny planet photography and videography is an eye catching technique that adds a bold approach to the social media experience and insures that a brand's viewers will take notice to a post.